Boarding/Kenneling Overview

Our boarding and kenneling policies and facilities are revolutionizing the industry! Many owners have long feared taking their loved ones to a pet care facility while away from home, because of the reputation that many kennels obtained through the years. Boarding was viewed only as a last alternative to friends and relatives, because many "established" kennels simply didn't offer a good service, and many dogs left in their care were given only the bare necessities as far as food and shelter, without taking the dog's mental state of mind into account.

At Playtime, we view your pet's stay as one that should not be traumatic to your pup, but more of a case of it being on its own vacation, or time away. If your dog is a social dog, capable of being handled by our staff, it will receive plenty of attention and playtime while away from you. For those dogs that qualify (we require an evaluation on your dog's first day), they will receive 2-3 play sessions daily, including weekends, and dogs that stay for 5 nights and over receive a free bath so they come home to you smelling fresh, and feeling fresh too!

While many kennel services either lock your pooch away in small kennels for long periods with no attention, or charge exorbitant fees for play sessions, our play sessions are priced affordably, and we will give your dog the daily exercise and attention it needs and desires. No hidden charges, or false claims.....with us its PLAYTIME all the time!

Playtime's prices are the best of all major competitors! At Playtime we have NO HIDDEN FEES!!!!! Below are examples of hidden fees you may not know about when booking your services with competitors:

  • Early drop off/pick up fees (ranging from $15 all the way to $40!!)
  • Huge daycare fees for late pickup (ranging from $15 to $35!)
  • Outrageous special needs fees (medication, feeding, etc. from $5 to $25/day!)
  • Cancellation fees

All of these "Extras" add up on the final bill. Our pricing is up front and honest. And Playtime offers a free bath for any visits longer than 5 days ($20-50 value)

With our large kennels (about 25 square feet per kennel!), low price packages, and guaranteed play sessions for your pup, Playtime Doggy Daycare offers the best deal in town.

Our indoor kennels are some of the largest, most comfortable kennels in the nation. The kennel area is temperature controlled (72 degrees year round), and you may bring personal items to leave with your pet for comfort and toys to play with (please read our Rules and Regulations).

Play sessions are included in our pricing, and pricing is scheduled per 24 hour period. We ask that you NOT bring in beds, as we provide beds for you, with comfortable blankets to provide additional comfort. If you prefer that we not provide the raised beds (due to possible destruction of beds) please let us know at drop off and we will remove it from their suite.