Finding the right groomer to care for your loved one can be a difficult decision. It is important that the person you choose for this task is caring and pays attention not only to the groom, but also to the psychological well being of your pup! For some pets, grooming is a traumatic experience, and our staff understands that and will work with you to make this as comfortable of an experience as possible, for you and for your pet.

With Playtime having daycare services, the convenience of having daycare, grooming and kenneling all in one stop is incredibly convenient, as are our office hours. Schedule appointments as stand alone, or have us take care of it during your dog's daytime daycare or kenneling and save a trip..our staff will work with you to maximize your time!


A full groom consists of:Brush out, Bath, Blow out (Furminator), Ear cleaning, Nail Trim, Cologne, Bandana, Hair Trimming/Cut & Anal Expressions (by request)


Schedule your dog for either of our locations, as both locations have availability! If you have your own preferred shampoo or colognes, please bring them with you for your appointment! If the cost will be higher than stated, we will notify you via phone before proceeding, when possible.

All prices quoted are starting prices. Prices vary according to size, temperment, handling, and age of dog. Upcharges may result for de-matting, de-shedding, or difficult temperments.

Our staff is experienced and well known in the industry for great service, and competitive pricing. Let Playtime do the dirty work and get your pup clean and fresh!!!!