At Playtime Doggy Daycare we go the extra mile, because we service clients who are willing to go the extra mile for their loved ones. We bring a fun-filled, healthy approach to bringing excitement & joy to your beloved pups & enriching their lives. Doggy daycare is not for everyone. But if you see your pet as a genuine part of your family, then Playtime is the ideal place for your pooch! Doggie daycare does many things for your dog that translate to a more enjoyable lifestyle not only for your dog, but for you and your family as well. Here are some of the benefits of Doggy Daycare:


  • HEALTH! Your pups physical health will never be better than having a well exercised dog. Running, playing, and getting a good workout with friends is a fantastic way to keep pets in good physical condition. A healthier dog means a happier dog, and our staff will make sure your dog will play as hard as they want!
  • MENTAL HEALTH! As important as physical well-being, mental health is something that many dogs lack due to an unfulfilling lifestyle at home. Many families now have two income households, leaving the family pet at home for countless hours without attention. Dogs become bored, depressed, and experience the same emotions that people do. Feeling neglected can lead a dog to lose trust in its owner, or lash out.
  • Your dog will get social development with how to deal with other dogs and people in a controlled environment. This development is important for you and your pets, as they become accustomed to group surroundings. And, dogs make friends too! Our dogs play in packs, get to know each other, and make friends that they look forward to seeing each day or week!
  • A cure for a hyperactive pet? Your dog probably has energy to spare. Dogs who attend doggy daycare in most cases are transformed into a calmer & more easily controlled pet. If your pup is getting into things a lot (food, trash, furniture, personal items, etc.) it probably is sending signals of boredom, and boredom leads to mischief.

The benefits are too many to list, but try Playtime Doggy Daycare and see the benefits for yourself!!