Jody Pawelski is not your every day ordinary dog specialist. While many claim to have a passion for their pets, it just isn't on the same level as Jody's passion for four legged friends. At social gatherings, if there is a pet in the area, Jody will be nearby. She naturally gravitates towards dogs....and dogs naturally gravitate towards her!

Jody is a former Marine, and served our country in active duty, spending most of her time in Okinawa, Japan. After being honorably discharged at the end of her term, Jody began gaining experience with dog related services, gaining experience as a dog handler, trainer, groomer, and vet. tech. These experiences helped her decide that her future was in the dog-service industry. The connection she made with the pups made her one of the most popular workers in her field, and dogs she has worked with in the past still recognize her at dog parks across the city today!

Gregg Pawelski comes from a marketing background, and specializes in keeping the operations running smoothly behind the scenes. He has 25 years experience in the industry, and when the opportunity arose to start a doggy daycare, Gregg and Jody were willing to put in the time and sacrifice to do something that they loved. They have two daughters, Morgan and Kaley. Kaley loves spending her time playing with the client dogs whenever school breaks allow, so Playtime truly is a family business.

Our employees are all experienced dog handlers, with varying backgrounds in training, veterinary experience, and dog psychology. The owners have over 35 years professional dog related experience between them, and every shift features decades of experienced professionals caring for your loved ones. We have the best dog handler to dog ratio in the state, and our handlers' first priority is the safety and well-being of your loved one.